Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1 year ago....and current time =)

well well wellllllllaaaa!!!!! hello back again.. =) i miss in writing back on my very own blog again..this is a place where i share my perspective and thoughts to the peoples surrounding when i have no oppurtunities in telling or rather said communicating efficiently without having to waste ur energy so much try to compete in order to get urself a chance to talk..lols!! :DD

1 YEAR had gone through....

many stories has came in and out of my life...good memories,superb things, bad one..all have been faced by me apparently...well today is tuesday!! if u wanna know lah...haha..wellaa,,actually i dont have much things to say..but from now onwards i will have new perspective in my life..

Respecting people.......

i beleive if we do respect and honour what everyone of us have in our thought,,easily said,,as hormat pendapat org lainlah tentang perkara2 yg bercanggah dengan pendapat sendiri....it would be most ideal if we live in such a racial country as ours...MALAYSIA...because we are not from the middle east..we are not from the americans continents, we are not from the far south countries such as aussie,new zealand and so hence and so forth...but we are from where we are being borned,,whis is MALAYSIA...so am proudly to say that i am a MALAYSIAN!!! which respect and honour others believe and thoughts...


now i am in my final year in the course of diploma of accountancy (DIA)...many semesters have i gone through all diz while i dissapearing myself....its a lot more busying ur self with works u know...even sometimes u dont have the time for urself..well if u have tho...u might want to open ur facebook or whatsoever just to get that piece of ur social life based on the cyber lifelah...just enough to scroll down fews of ur friend back then in ur colleague,,just to pick their moments and to get urself up to date..well this is what most people do lah..thats why facebook has become a popular sites for us to hack people *rather said as to get up to date okeyy :p..dont misunderstand the word 'hack'..hehe...oke blahh..lari topik.....so frantically speaking, as time pass by,,our times getting narrower for our success in da future as well for our current time to stdying,,perfectly match regarding our status as a student itself..

well...what more heh??.. :D

haaa!!!! apa dia lagi bro? sistah?? u wanna know or wanna be updated..cheh..pewasan siakk aku ni..mcm terkenal sgt je..haktuihh!!!! haha!! :p okelaa....let us come to current time dulu later on proceed witha more personal stufffssss...agagaga :* haa amek kau kiss aku bagi..muahh muahh!!! uww~ heheh

oke,,current time i am very busy uitm student lah..and me myself is more intoxicating witha malaysian politics..yeahh...politics..dulu aku bagi taik je lah kat politik2 nie..x de nak amek kesah pongg!!!!! haha,,tapi sejak kebelakangan ni ade terasa macam nak amek tahu..and dah bnyk cerita2 org aku dgr ttg politik ni..ade yg cakap pasal perjuangan lah..pasal itu lah..pasal kuasa lah..pasal konspirasilah...pasal agama....ya,,aku x nafikan..kesedaran politik tu amat diperlukan oleh mahasiswa zaman sekarang ni sebab kita berada di dunia global..jadi amatlah mustahak bagi kita utk mengetahui perkembangan politik semasa....dan berpolitik,mengenai ilmu dalam hal2 politik serta mengambil tahu akan hal politik yg berada di negara kita sendiri sebenarnya salah satu dari tuntutan agama islam itu sendiri.. bayangkan Rasulullah sendiri berpolitik demi menegakkan syiar islam..apatah lagi kita ni manusia akhir zaman.. :)) hmmm,,so tak salah jika diri kita atau diri masing2 mempunya fahaman dan pendapat politik yg tersendiri..sebab menunjukkan kita kesah tentang perkara2 yg berlaku di sekeliling kita...hehe..bnyk lagi kalau nak diperkatakan kat sini...tapi aku x akn cerita bnyk2 sgt kot mengenai pendirian politik aku..takot2 blog aku ni dilabel sebagai PRO kepada mana2 parti politik tanah air..tapi apa yg penting!!!!!! kerjasama!!!!!! hahah...oke merapu...apa yg penting sebenarnya..selami diri kita..asal usul kita...apa agama kita..dan tuntutannya..insyaAllah membantu :)


currently my love life is rather said to be complicated. thats it. fullstop. :) so i am saying,,i give the world to rule my love life..hahah??? apakah??? gilo kaaa??



susah nih..

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style! :D

weyhh!!!...dah maghrib!!! jum2 semayang!!!! okelah ...bertemu kembali bila2 masa.. dasss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O